Tea Party Revival!


We recently finished revival services with Evangelist Bob Swope from Prescott, Arizona. Bob came and preached four sermons that were simple, yet thought provoking. He connected solidly with our congregation, and relationships were built through his personal ministry.


It was one of those revivals that we will talk about for a while. One young man, a backslider came back to Christ in the very first service on Sunday evening. He was powerfully touched.


We felt God’s presence in song service that Sunday evening and that feeling persisted throughout the revival.   Bob ministered through the word of knowledge and simply through excellent Holy Ghost preaching.


But the revival wasn’t contained in the church. It spread outside the church as we went out on Monday to buy tea. In Taiwan tea is sold differently than in the US. The sellers know the preferences of their individual customers or they ask what type of tea you want to buy. Then tea is brewed and poured, so it can be tasted and discussed. It is a part of the tea culture of Taiwan. It is a wonderful, relaxed time.


During the taste session Bob began to speak of Jesus to the young woman brewing and pouring tea for us. Another woman who was in the shop (a Christian), skillfully and happily, translated for Bob. At the end he drew a picture to illustrate how God has drawn us to Him through the cross. In the end this young woman and her brother prayed and gave their lives to Jesus.

At the Tea Shop

The church is refreshed and renewed and ready to win the city of Taoyuan to Jesus!

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