Soldier Night at 木匠的家 Coffee Bar


Last night, May 19, 2015 was “Soldier Night” at the 木匠的家 Coffee Bar. Both Pastor Wayne and I volunteer each week in what is called “Free Talk.”   Free Talk is an opportunity for people in the community to come and practice English language skills. I have a lesson that I put together each week.   I find an inspirational story or fable and we first read it: Each person reading a portion. Then we go over the vocabulary that’s not common. After that, we discuss the story, with each person telling what they think the story means. Then we discuss the meaning of the story.


Then comes the part where they practice their listening skills. This is my favorite part, because I can then turn the discussion toward Jesus.   Often, I will do an altar call afterwards and allow people an opportunity to respond to the call of God on their lives. We have seen a number of people make a decision for salvation over the time we’ve been there.


But every so often the Taiwanese Military, sends their “English Preparatory Class” to the Coffee Bar for Free Talk.   I call it Soldier Night. So this week, in addition to my regular class I had about 20 soldiers. It was quite exciting. I always enjoy soldier night, because the soldiers are fun and relaxed and often quite open to the Gospel.


Since there were so many soldiers, I drafted my daughter Elizabeth to take some students and I took some. We both had classes of about 12 people. It was a great opportunity to sow some seeds into the Harvest Field.

A number of them are based locally and said they’d like to attend church if they can get leave. So we’re praying for that.


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