Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames

the Judgment Room

On January 24, 2015, we put on our first homegrown drama presentation. A number of years ago the Tucson church sent an invasion team to Taiwan to present this same drama, titled at the time “The Judgment.”


This year, we labored with our sister church in Pingzhen to present our version of “Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames.” Both churches worked hard to make the drama work. It was done first in Pingzhen, with four people saved and followed a week later in Taoyuan City with one saved.

The play was presented entirely in Mandarin. Even one foreigner spoke all of her lines in Mandarin Chinese. We tailored the drama to reflect some recent events in Taiwan. A number of months ago, a man stabbed foiur people to death on the MRT in Taipei.   We used a scene reflecting that and even included the actual audio of the news report. We also used the scene of the gas explosions in the city of Gaoxiong, again using the audio of the news report. The intention was to hit home that we have no real promise of tomorrow, using actual events to demonstrate that.

The DevilIn addition to the flyers and the usual outreach tactics, people invited family members and friends to the play. Justin Pelren even made a video trailer for the play that we used on our website.

Everyone involved in the play is excited about the results of the performance.  There is a new feeling of camaraderie and of being in fellowship.  The cooperation between the two churches gave us a powerful example of what is meant by the Body of Christ, as we each did our part to make the play a reality.

We have already begun to work on a new play that will speak to the beliefs of Buddhism, and karma, that we have tentatively titled, “What did you do in your last life, Daddy.”

Setup - Light Tree Cast Photo

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