Easter at 木匠的家 Coffee Bar

This year, for the first time, the Coffee Bar asked us if we would do something with an Easter theme for our weekly outreach and Bible Study.  Of course, I had intended to something Easter themed, what else would I do?  But then they asked, “Can you dye Easter eggs with your class?”  I’m not a big fan of the Easter Bunny or his colored eggs, that is, unless I can use them as an object lesson.

GroupSo this year we teamed up with the Pingzhen Potter’s House and presented an episode of the Ray Vander Lan’s, “That the World May Know.”  The episode was keyed to the fact that Christ rose from the dead and lives.  I took that idea and preached a short message on being a new creation.  I offered my testimony, from suicidal drunk to missionary pastor.  I talked about how difficult change was for me.  How I wanted to quit drinking and thought that I’d never be anything but a drunk, but when I met Jesus I changed and that God had given me a new life.  Then I talked about being born again, and gave an altar call.  One young woman responded to that altar call and gave her life to Jesus on the spot.

Then we turned to egg dying.  The immediate question was, “Why colored eggs and what does that have to do with Jesus’ resurrection?”  So I turned it into an illustration.  Easter takes place in spring time.  What happens in the spring?  New life.  I asked what would happen if we let the eggs hatch.  A new life would emerge.  So I described the tomb and basically made the egg shell as a tomb.

It had the same shape, It was hard and difficult to leave.  But yet new life emerged.  Then,  I showed a parallel between salvation and being born again with the hatching of the chick.  I told them to paint the eggs to represent a new life.  What would it look like.  Here are some of the responses

Finished Products

Finished Products

Photos:  Elizabeth Banducci






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