Downtown Christmas Caroling

Carolers CarolingOn Christmas Eve, we took the opportunity to go outside the church and sing Christmas carols downtown. We went to out usual spot just down from the train station and let it rip. We sang all the Christmas carols we knew and through in some testimonies and street preaching for good measure. In addition to the carolers caroling, we had people witnessing one-on-one, with those who were walking by.

Ken and Liz

It was an interesting evening because for some people it was their first time in a street outreach. One person admitted he had never shared his testimony spontaneously.   He was excited and looking forward to more opportunities to do that.

Nelson Testifies

Christmas is an excellent time to do these kinds of outreaches, because for the most part Taiwan is not very Christmassy. Most people are Buddhist, Taoist or Atheist, so there is practically no Christmas spirit here. In this way we are able to share our faith in Jesus and use the season to introduce the Taiwanese people to Him.

Mika Outreaching

People were open to stop and listen to the songs and the testimonies. Some people even asked for church flyers and others came with a willingness to come and hear from God. The church is stirred and we’re looking forward to being fruitful in the next year.

Nelson and Brenda

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