Christmas Outreaches

DSCF6356This year we were able to put together a Christmas outreach drama.  We intended to do a Christmas take-off drama Called “Back to the Future.”  The idea was that Marty McFly would go back in time to prove that Christmas never happened:  That the Bible was a collection of “myths and fables.”  But when he got back there he met the shepherds and heard the angel proclaiming Jesus’ birth.  He followed the shepherds to the inn and talked with the innkeeper.  He met Joseph and Mary, and the infant Jesus.  He listened to Simeon as he proclaimed his joy at meeting his savior.  Then he time traveled once again to the crucifixion.  Through this experience he accepted the undeniable truth of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.  He returns to 2015 to tell “Doc” what he has come to believe. (I have a script available in English/Chinese on request at

That’s what we intended, anyway.  The final outcome was a couple of skits, a musical interlude, a powerful testimony and the preaching of the good news of Salvation.  We had opportunity to perform this in a couple of places.DSCF6369

The first place we performed was Swan Castle School in Taoyuan City.  Our performance happened to coincide with the school’s winter open house.  500 families were invited to attend the open house.  There were performances by the kids.  Contests and right in the middle of it were able to present the Gospel.  The school wouldn’t let us pull an altar call but did allow us to pass out flyers for our event, the church and several of our outreach opportunities, like English Free Talk and Family Fun Night.

The second performance took place at our church.  We only had a few visitors at the church but one Muslim family attended and heard the Gospel.  We are able to remain in contact with them and are looking for God to move powerfully in their lives.



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