Who We Are 教會簡介

Who we are:

In 1970 Pastor Wayman Mitchell took over a a dying church in Prescott Arizona. He had a vision to disciple men and plant churches throughout the United States and the world. During the Jesus Movement of the early 1970s, hippies came to Prescott. On arriving there, they found Pastor Mitchell and the Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church. These young people literally gave their lives to Jesus and began a vibrant ministry in that city.

In December of 1973 Harold Warner and his young wife Mona were sent from the Prescott church to Tucson’s south side to assume the pastorate of a nearly defunct Foursquare Mission on Veteran’s Blvd. Brother Harold and Sister Mona, saved in the Jesus People Movement, were impervious to their humble surroundings and saw only a great opportunity to impact their generation for Christ. As the Warners simply began to preach, serve and evangelize, God honored their labors by bringing in scores of hippies and young people. Since then, the Lord has graced The Door Christian Fellowship Church with several waves of revival brought about by the workings of His Holy Spirit. This vision, begun in Prescott and carried into Tucson has spread to over 1600 churches in more than 100 nations.

In 2006, Scott and Melissa Nied, came to Tao Yuan City from Taipei after having served in Mainland China for many years. They founded the church on Jie Shou Road. Starting with only themselves and their three children they built the church into the small close-knit group that it is today.
On April 25, 2010, they turned the church over to Chris and Brenda Banducci.
The Banducci’s who pioneered and the Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church in Riverside California in 2001, will continue with their vision, looking to plant other churches in the nation of Taiwan.


在1970年Wayman Mitchell牧師接管了一間在Prescott Arizona快結束的小教會. 他有一個遠景去訓練門徒和建立教會在美國地區及世界各地. 在1970年早期的耶穌運動期間,嬉皮來到Prescott地區,到了那裡,他們發現Mitchell牧師和陶匠之家基督教會. 這些年青人把他們的生命交給耶穌和開始在那城市勇敢的傳揚福音.

在1973年的12月Harold Warner和他年輕的太太Mona從Prescott被差派到Tucson市的南邊擔任一間在Veteran’s Blvd.上死沉的四方使命團的牧師職務. Harold 弟兄和 Mona姐妹,在耶穌人運動中得救,不顧他們簡陋的環境, 只看到極佳的機會來為基督影響他們的世代. 當Warners開始講道, 服事, 傳福音, 神看重他們的事工帶領一大群嬉皮和年輕人進入教會. 從那時開始,主恩待陶匠之家基督教會藉著聖靈的動工帶來幾波復興.這個遠景,從Prescott開始,帶到Tucson ¸然後散佈出去超過1600個教會在超過100個國家中.

在2006年, Scott 和 Melissa Nied,在中國大陸服事多年後,先至台北服事多年再來到桃園市服事. 他們找到在介壽路上的教會,一開始只有他們和三個小孩,他們建立這教會成為現今的樣子一個小型且緊密結合的團體. 在2010年的4月25日,他們將教會移交給Chris 和 Brenda Banducci.
Banducci 牧師家人在2001年在美國加州Riverside開拓陶匠之家基督教會, 繼續依著遠景,在台灣開拓新的教會.

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