Church Planting

The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship is a church planting organization.  Couples are discipled and then launched into cites around the world to pioneer or build congregations.  The following is a list of couples that have recently been launched into the Harvest Field at the most recent conference in Prescott AZ.  There are currently 2,094 churches planted into 115 nations.
1.      Shantou, China – Josh and Julie Lobato
2.      Havana, Cuba – Raul and Stephanie Delcid
3.      Suzhou, China – Joseph and Melanie Lujan
4.      Honiaria, Solomon Islands – Adrian and Emily Martinez
5.      Kathmandu, Nepal – Dan and Nancy Mazon
6.      Zagreb, Croatia – Jenya and Sherri Lynn Usanov
1.      Aurora, Colorado – Brandon and Andrea Pepich
2.      Chicago, Illinois – Don and Brittany Thompson
3.      Spokane Valley, Washington – Nathan and Tori Brazzell
4.      Columbia South Carolina – Bill and Shiloh Randolph
5.      Henderson, Nevada – Mike and Angie Meier
6.      Tucumcari, New Mexico – Gary and Patsy Basham

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