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E-Sword – This Bible Program will provide a number of free Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and other things to help you in Bible Study:  You can download any or all of these following recommendations.

1.  Download the E-sword program
E-sword  program download

2.  Once you have downloaded the program open it on your computer.

3.  Got to the download drop down menu, click on the word Download.

4.  Click on Bibles tab:

Recommended Bibles:
King James Version
King James Version (w/Strong’s Numbers)
Chinese Union Version (Traditional) (CUV-T)
Easy to Read Version (ERV)

5. Click on Commentaries tab:

Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible
Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the whole Bible
Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary

6.  Click on Dictionaries tab:

Hitchcock’s Bible Names
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Strong’s Bible Dictionary (must install to use King James w/Strong’s numbers)
Webster’s Dictionary of American English

Click on Graphics tab:

Ancient Mediterranean maps

Click on Reference Books tab:

Reference Books:
The Life and Ties of Jesus the Messiah
The Training of the twelve

This is a well rounded Study Library that will give you insight into the scriptures.  All of these materials are free.  Anything listed under premium will have a price associated with it.  Unfortunately, all of the materials are in English with the exception of the Chinese Union Version (traditional).   However, don’t let that stop.  That’s why I included the Easy to Read Version (ERV) and Webster’s Dictionary of American English.  Also I will always be willing to talk to you and work through any language problems.

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