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  • Hi, I'm Pastor Chris Banducci, and I'd like to invite you to visit the Potter's House Christian Center, in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The Church was founded here in 2007, by Pastor Scott Nied and his wife Melissa. We took over the church in April 2010.

    We continue to press the Gospel forward in Taiwan. The church is growing and thriving. We're still small but we have a vision for planting churches all over the island of Taiwan, and other countries throughout Asia.

    Come and join us and be a part of what God is doing in Asia

  • 嗨,我是杜忠主,牧師,我想要邀請你來桃園市陶匠之家基督中心. 這教會是2007年在此由Scott 及Melissa 牧師夫婦建立,我們是於2010年的4月接管教會.

    我們持續在台灣傳揚福音. 教會正在成長和興盛.我們還是屬小型但是我們有遠景,要在台灣島上及亞洲各國建立更多教會, 一起來加入我們和成為神在亞洲事工的一部份.

The Potter's House Welcomes You

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  • Maggie Zhang

    Maggie Zhang

    My whole family came to the Potter’s House church in October, 2011. There, I met God again, and God opened my eyes and let me see a brand new me. Last summer, my husband Andy and I accidentally encountered a smiling lady and got a church flyer from her in the streets of downtown Tao […]

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Recent News

  • The Devil

    Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames

    On January 24, 2015, we put on our first homegrown drama presentation. A number of years ago the Tucson church sent an invasion team to Taiwan to present this same drama, titled at the time “The Judgment.”   This year, we labored with our sister church in Pingzhen to present our version of “Heaven’s Gates […]

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Come and Visit!

Church Services: Sun 10:00 am & 6:30 pm
教堂服務 星期日: 10:00 早上 & 6:30 晚上

English Bible Study: Wed 8:00 pm
咖啡店英文課 星期三 8:00 晚上

All Services in English with Mandarin Translation
所有禮拜講道活動全程以英文進行, 另有中文翻譯配合

Jie Shou Road 170, Taoyuan City, Taiwan


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